Noah Hamilton invited Bryan Jennings to a pre-screening of the new movie, “I Can Only Imagine”, and Bryan was truly impressed by the production quality, the story, and the heart behind the movie. The movie shares the so-far untold story behind the best selling Christian song of all time titled: “I can only imagine.” It is a touching story about a boy from Texas named Bart Millard, and his strained relationship with his Father…the journey this difficult relationship sent him on, and how it lead to a spiritual journey for both he and his father.

Themes of forgiveness and hope are beautifully woven through the movie. Before Bart could find his voice and write this amazing song, God had him go towards his pain instead of away from it, and led him to peace after a lifetime of conflict. Bart had to face the painful relationship he had with his father in order to know the freedom which allowed him to write THE SONG that impacted the world. What seemed like a loss — the pain and hopelessness that Bart knew, became a gain…a healed relationship where hope was restored! These are important themes we can all relate to and be inspired by.

Dennis Quaid who starred in Soul Surfer, and also in this movie says about the story: “It’s about how one could have a complete change of heart, and how much you can move the earth with that….That doesn’t happen very often.”

Bryan is hosting a special screening on March 15 in San Juan Capistrano so email [email protected] if interested in attending. The movie comes out March 16 nationwide, so we encourage you to go see it! Be sure to watch the trailer and find more information at


Written by Monica Swanson •