Growing up in a Jewish family in Israel, Gabi was always aware of the Lord’s presence in her life, however, “Only at a great distance” she explains, a distance that as she got older grew “Greater and greater.” When Gabi was 31 she moved to La Jolla, California to pursue her post-doctorate degree in Biochemistry. Desiring to get plugged into a community made up of her “Countrymen” she began attending a meeting of Israelis, where she met Raul- the Gentile believer who’s faith made her jealous. Gabi explains, “Raul came to that meeting to practice his Hebrew. I offered to help him, and we became friends. Soon he was talking to me about the God of Israel and the Tanach (The Old Testament). When I saw how much Raul knew I became jealous. Why did he, a Gentile, know more about my Bible than I did, and why did his peace seem greater than mine? Just as Paul said in Romans 11:11, Raul was making me jealous.”

Through Raul’s persistence in ministering to Gabi about our Messiah, and through his invitation to join him in attending the Yom Kippur service at a local Messianic Synagogue, Gabi’s eyes were opened to the truth of Yeshua being our Savior- A truth she finally accepted after experiencing a “powerful vision which brought her to her knees.” Gabi shares, “God finally lifted the veil from my eyes and crying and trembling, I surrendered my life to Yeshua (Jesus). Since then, I have known that Yeshua is my Savior, my Messiah and that He is the only truth and the only way. I thank God for saving me and for not giving up on me.”

Todd Morehead, Director of Promised Land, got in contact with Gabi through a mutual friend because he was in need of a Hebrew speaking follower of Jesus to help out with the Hebrew subtitles for the movie. Gabi was a huge help with the subtitles and we are excited she is apart of the Walking On Water family.