“Only weeks after Bethany Hamilton’s shark attack accident her brother Noah gave me a phone call.  Since that phone call our families have become very good friends and have worked together to produce and help distribute the Heart of A Soul Surfer documentary, Walking on Water movie, Soul Surfer feature film, and currently the Beyond Sight movies to the world!  Bethany and I have done many outreach events together, but when I heard about how Friends of Bethany organization planning this Beautifully Flawed girls retreat I knew it would be the most powerful ministry event Bethany had ever done!”-Bryan Jennings

Friends of Bethany is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the hope and love of Jesus Christ worldwide by supporting and inspiring people through the life stories of Bethany Hamilton and others.

“There is so much that you can do. There is so much life after limb loss. She can recover from this attack and lead a very full life,” says Katie Ancheta, Friends of Bethany Hamilton Foundation Executive Director.

Beautifully Flawed is a retreat that invited young women with limb loss to come together for an intimate retreat.  The retreat focused on finding beauty even in their scars,  and also shared practical tips for girls with limb loss.