Fernando Moreira was one of the many awesome people Bryan Jennings met during his time in Rio. Fernando and his wife Ines are from Brazil, but currently working as missionaries in England. Fernando was in Rio to do evangelism at the surf tour, after training with YWAM in Brazil for the past 9 months. While there, Fernando attended the WOW event, and was so excited to meet Bryan. Fernando and his wife had been fans of Walking on Water, and showing the WOW film as part of their ministry for years.

Fernando first watched Walking on Water in 2009. The movie blessed him, and brought him a new vision for his life. “I understood (after watching the movie,) that being a professional surfer was not my call from God, but my calling was to use my surf talents as an opportunity to share the Gospel to a surf community.” Since then, Fernando began sharing the movie to boys in the very poor communities in Brazil and Portugal. “We show them that God can make every single dream possible. They just need to know more about who God is.”

Fernando and his wife Ines now work with a church called Light and Life as full time missionaries in England. We’re so encouraged to hear how God has used them and the Walking On Water movie to share the gospel message.