Duane Sweeton and his family of ten (ten!) live in Murrieta, California.  Last week they all happened to be in San Clemente for an appointment, and then to hit the beach for some family time.  When Dwayne realized that the Beyond Sight film was showing in town, he knew they needed to go see it.  It wasn’t in their plans that day, but after having received some difficult family news, Duane sensed the Lord telling him to stay in town for the film.  He was already a fan of all of the Walking On Water films, having watched all of them, and even sharing them at the Fire Station where he works.
Beyond Sight was exactly what the family needed!  They were encouraged and inspired.  But the best part was when they realized that God brought them there for even more:  After the film, Bryan asked if anyone in the audience happened to be from the Murrieta/Temecula area, because they needed some help and support as they would be showing the film there the following week.  Duane stepped forward, and said he would be happy to help.  Duane says “It was a double-divine blessing. It is undeniable when you see God’s fingerprints all over a situation, and you just know that He had it all planned out from the beginning.”  Bryan took time to chat with the family, and prayed for them.  Bryan encouraged them with Philippians 3:10, which spoke directly to them that night:  “That they might know Him and the Power of his resurrection, and may share in His sufferings…”
God used the Sweeton’s to bless the Beyond Sight film and now many others in their community as they have already begun planning more Beyond Sight showings, helping to make connections, buy out theaters for showings, and much more!
It is so much fun to see God at work, and even more fun to be a part of God’s work!