Bryan took his brother, sister, and father to Jackson Hole, Wyoming recently to revisit some of their favorite places and film for the Surfers and Cowboys movie. In honor of that trip and Father’s Day, we asked Bryan’s father a few questions:

Q: How did you feel when Bryan quit baseball and sports to surf competitively?
A: I was excited to see Bryan pursuing a sport which he loved. I told Bryan “this is his life and I support him in all decisions which he made personally.”

Q: Describe your son Bryan and his dream to start a surf camp 20 years ago. How did God do more than he or you could have imagined?
A: God has a special plan for each individual. Bryan always had a passion for surfing and helping children. Surf camps were a natural extension of God’s gift to Bryan and Bryan’s passion to help young surfers find God.

Q: Why is the Walking on Water ministry important for this generation?
A: With so few people focusing on Jesus Christ, it is a blessing to see the Walking on Water ministry change young people’s lives and invite Jesus Christ into their young hearts. They will have Jesus’ grace with them forever.

Q: How important is a father’s role in a son’s life and what are some key things your father taught you?
A: God is the Father and blesses each individual. My natural father was an extension of God. I looked up to him and was molded by His teachings:

  1. Love one another.
  2. Never lie, cheat or steal
  3. Whatever you do, do it to your best ability
  4. Be kind to one another
  5. Focus all efforts on Jesus Christ
  6. When a difficult problem presents itself, as “What would Jesus do?”

Q: Why was the Jackson Hole trip with your kids so important to you?
A: Jesus has molded my life. He has blessed my life with wonderful children. Most importantly, how many people get to spend time with their children at that special place where the Holy Spirit entered one’s heart? To share such an important moment with my children was a true blessing.

Q: Why should people be excited about the Surfers and Cowboys movie?
A: The movie itself brings together some of the great athletes of the world. Surfers encounter giant and difficult surf while bull riders have the courage to ride a wild untamed bull. They all need to pray about their efforts and ask for God’s blessings to prevent injuries and/or death. It all starts with God. It ends with God.