Working on the Beyond Sight Movie is a lot of responsibility! Because the aim of the film is to show people how much God can do in our lives. As I started working on the film, God opened many doors to make this possible. Through this movie I was able to meet many people and made many friends. I am often asked “how can you surf even though your blind”, really GOD guides me, I see with God’s eyes and he gave me two ears that work really well!  I want people who hear my story to learn that even if you are blind or disabled, we can not sit around waiting for others to do everything for us, although we need help like everyone else, we still have to fight and persist, but remembering that God is in control, and through that I hope to help motivate and inspire others through what God is doing in my life. For someone who doesn’t have much faith in their life but is starting to think a little bit about God I would want to encourage them to know that God is everything in our lives and by seeking first the kingdom of heaven, the rest will be added.

As for what is to come in my life, I will keep surfing, surf other peaks, work, study, and God will surely provide the necessities. Through this experience and through life’s ups and downs I have mainly learned that everything has its timing and that is God’s timing, but during the film it was rare to have low moments, it’s good to show people how wonderful God is and how even in the difficult times for example in Kelptyn’s situation, parents will absorb something good from it and God will use them in mighty ways.