Daniel Mansson is a photographer and visionary, with a heart to mentor the next generation toward the creative. Daniel moved to the United States from his home in Sweden in 1994 and a few years later he met Bryan Jennings at an action sports trade show for surfing and skating. Daniel was inspired by the idea of using film to gather people and share the gospel. Soon Daniel had the opportunity to share Walking On Water films back in Sweden.

Since that time Daniel has had great success as a photographer and has also continued to seek opportunities to share the gospel creatively. Daniel, his wife and daughter were all able to go on the recent mission trip to Moldova. While there, they met a man who had a local skate shop and a coffee shop. As they talked, the doors quickly opened to show the Beyond Sight Movie at the skate park. The team got creative and used Google Translate to add Romanian Subtitles, and translated the entire movie! 200-300 people came and lives were clearly touched as following the movie they had time to talk to people and offer prayer. Later they had an art show and more opportunities to get to know the people. Considering how spontaneous this outreach was, Daniel believes the success shows great opportunities for future events involving movies, photography, and art. Daniel says what he thinks is so special about using movies for an outreach event is that you are there to “do” something. He adds, “We are not here to take but to give.” Daniel plans to keep giving and dreaming, and he hopes to encourage Christian creatives do use their gifts to do amazing things. Find out more about Daniel at danielmansson.com

Written by Monica Swanson • monicaswanson.com