Dan Hamlin’s involvement with the Walking on Water Ministry goes way back to the very beginning.  Dan and Bryan were close friends when Bryan was feeling led to transition WOW to a full-tim ministry. Dan jumped in with Bryan, and spent years working full time, and then part time for WOW. Dan loves to find opportunities to help out with WOW ministries still today. 

Dan feels extremely blessed and grateful of the opportunity to be involved with what the Lord is doing through the WOW ministry. “I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined all that the Lord has done through WOW.”  Dan continues, “Bryan has been a friend, mentor, coach, and most importantly a brother to me.”

Dan says that he didn’t realize it at the time, but much of what he learned through Bryan and his time at WOW trained and prepared him for the new season the Lord has him in now. Dan has recently published his first book, When Oceans Rise: Scriptural Truths to Anchor The Soul. “It’s kind of funny because even writing and many of the opportunities that have come from it stems back to my time at WOW. It’s awesome to see the fingerprints of the Lord in it all.”

“Many of the Lord’s lessons that I’ve learned in my life and that I share in When Oceans Rise are from my time at WOW. One of the overriding themes of the book is that the Lord is after an authentic friendship with us; He wants to be genuinely involved in our lives and is constantly speaking to us. So in order for our relationship with Him to flourish it is essential that we learn to hear His voice through Scripture. I guess the book is just my attempt at expressing His involvement in my life in hopes that it encourages others to allow Him to get involved in theirs.”

When Oceans Rise is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, iTunes, or any book retailer. Learn more at whenoceansrisethebook.com and oceansandink.com