A carefree lifestyle filled with fame, fun, “parties,” and little responsibility are what many kids today grow up idolizing as they seek to “go pro” in the extreme sport of their choice. As a Father of two active children with a zeal for the extreme sports, Craig James sought to find a niche in the industry where kids are encouraged to pursue and develop their passions but for the Glory of God. He shares, “I have always had a desire to serve in ministries that directly impact my children so as my kids grew, I began to earnestly seek and pray about ministry opportunities to help develop their passions.” Soon after, Craig had the opportunity to serve as Co-Chair at the San Diego City Fest Livin IT show, where he met Bryan Jennings and was first introduced to the Walking On Water Ministry. Craig shares, “In working with him on the LivinIT event, I had the opportunity to see the heart of Bryan. It was apparent that he truly had a passion for reaching the youth, the fruit of which I have seen first-hand in my son Tyler as we have become more involved with the ministry.” Although Tyler has attended three W.O.W surf camps, the impact of the ministry in his life has extended far beyond those few weeks. Desiring to keep the “camp experience” alive Tyler has become increasingly involved with Walking On Water through helping out at several outreach events, serving on local missions trips and engaging in surf and serve projects at local beaches. Through his involvement with the W.O.W ministry Tyler has learned that you can integrate your faith with surfing and still have fun! He shares, “It is encouraging to know that I don’t have to party and do all that stuff. I can just be myself!” Tyler has built long-term mentoring relationships with some of the amazing counselors and attends a weekly Bible study with a group of campers that is growing to reach other friends in their communities. “As a father,” Craig explains, “It is comforting to know that because of the Walking On Water Ministry, Tyler has Godly mentors in his life that he can surf with, learn from and relate to! My daughter Allie attended her first W.O.W surf camp this summer and I can’t wait to see its impact upon her life as well!”