Last year Conor Beatty was finishing college and working as a high school youth group leader. A fellow leader suggested he get in touch with Walking on Water; he knew that Conor’s gifts and interests would be a perfect match for ministry with Walking on Water.

Conor took his friend’s advice, got in touch with Kyle Lane, and jumped into one of the GROM weekends. That was all it took and Conor was hooked. At a season in life when Conor was really praying for specific direction, it seemed God was leading. Soon Conor got on board and helped with the WOW camps all summer long. “Working with kids through WOW really captivated my heart. God revealed to me that being at Walking on Water was what He was calling me to do right now, and I just couldn’t resist.”

Conor chose to continue to work with Walking on Water and is now working as the Assistant Camp Director next to Kyle Lane. He will continue to work with the GROM events, and assist with all of the camps again through this summer.

When he isn’t working with WOW, Conor loves to challenge himself on big waves. He recently entered the Nelscott Reef Big Wave Invitational in Lincoln City, Oregon and took a 2nd place finish.

Whether in his surfing or in ministry, Conor says that God has been teaching him patience. Learning to slow down and wait for God to lead can be difficult, but Conor is learning that the blessings make it all worth while.

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Written by Mtonica Swanson,