Personal story: Connor Eck

WOW surf camps changed my life.  As a high school student I attended two WOW surf camps that brought me closer to the Lord, created lifetime friendships, and instilled a desire for mission.  That’s a lot from just two, one-week camps.  What was the secret power of these WOW surf camps? For me, it was setting everything aside and traveling to SoCal beaches to surf breaks I had only read about in magazines.  It was meeting Bryan Jennings and Dave Yearwood who became my role models and spoke God’s Word in an exciting way that I understood and could apply.  It was living with camp counselors and staff who touched my heart with their acceptance, encouragement and kindness. It was being part of a surfing community of faith focused on the pure joy of basking in His glory.  I was a typical high school student who wanted to surf and these WOW camps ended up changing my life.  I know they can change the life of any other student who wants to surf, meet Christ, make friends, or find meaning in life.

An important part of my WOW surf camp experience was seeing first hand how surfing could be combined with and used to share the Gospel around the world.  I saw it in the WOW movies and in the lives of so many at camp.  I was inspired to do the same.  So, this summer, I went to Japan on a mission trip with an amazing group of people from Walking on Water and Christian Surfers Japan.  It was my first time out of the United States and an amazing experience.  From morning devotionals on a cliff top, to passing out free drinks, to cleaning beaches of debris, to sharing the gospel with many Japanese still recovering from the tsunami, the joy of God’s work was everywhere.  For me, the trip changed my life.  It brought me closer to Christ, created new lifetime friendships, and instilled a desire to the love the world as God does.