Chris Bristow, his wife Aubri, and their five kids live in San Clemente, California. Chris is the Lead Pastor of The Ark Church, which was planted in the fall of 2015 with “no money, no people and just a ‘God-sized’ dream.” (Wow!)

Chris came in contact with Walking on Water back in 2000 when he was invited to a movie night at a local church. They happened to be showing the movie Noah’s Arc, which was Chris says was extremely impactful toward him as a young adult. This is where he saw that you can follow Jesus without being religious. Chris says, “The movie was so impressionable that when we were dreaming about our church several years later, the culture, the vision, etc.. I couldn’t help but think of Noahs Arc and the miracles that took place in that movie. We saw a church where people would come to know Jesus for the first time, receive God’s calling on their lives, and invite their friends. So when we were having to come to a place of naming our church, The Ark Church seemed like the perfect name.”

When we live out our calling with great faith it is amazing what God will do. The Ark Church is now growing faithfully as people come to faith in Jesus, discover their purpose, and begin serving him faithfully.

For info about The Ark Church, visit or to purchase a copy of the Noah’s Arc movie email [email protected]

Written by Monica Swanson •