My wife and I decided to get involved with Walking on Water after Bryan Jennings shared an impactful  message at our church. The message was titled “Just Go!” which encouraged us to act in faith upon God’s highest desire; for His children to share the gospel, in creative ways, with the community He has placed us in. I remember Bryan saying, “God desires to cooperate and collaborate with us, no matter  what the cost.” then he added, “Even when it doesn’t make sense, just go! After being so moved by Bryan’s boldness to share the gospel we invited Bryan to be the guest speaker at our Billy Graham My Hope America outreach and we are looking forward to continuing to work with Bryan and his walking on water team for God used him mightily to save souls in our local community!   Our next outreach with Bryan and his team will be  “Project Theatre 300” and we encourage everyone to get  involved because  God is using Walking On Water to make an impact in every community.

Carrie and Jeff also hosted the Night Of Hope event!