There are a few people that have been so much a part of Walking on Water they are practically family.

Buck Waters is one of those people.

Buck was introduced to WOW in 2002 when he assisted Mike Doyle with the Pensacola, Florida premiere of The Outsiders movie. Buck recalls that premiere being an amazing event, beyond capacity, with many decisions for Christ. One of the young men who made a decision that night was Nathan Pooley, who is currently the Pastor of the Upper Room ministry at Pensacola Beach, approaching its 5 year anniversary. And that very same Pastor will be speaking at the up-coming Pensacola premiere of Surfers and Cowboys movie!

Between 2002 and 2017 however, Buck has been involved in many WOW outreaches and events. More than we have space to share, but here are a few highlights:

Buck remembers another God-sized story from 2004, when he and Mike Doyle organized the Noah’s Arc premiere in Pensacola. This event was scheduled for Oct. 8, 2004. On Sept. 16, Pensacola and the surrounding area was devastated by hurricane Ivan. The theatre for the premiere had the roof torn off and all hotels were full with hurricane relief workers. It looked like the event would not happen. By God’s grace, the repairs to the theatre were completed the day before and Noah’s Arc was the first event that was able to occur at the theatre after the hurricane.

They then took Noah’s Arc to Central America: four countries, six cities in 10 days, with an amazing response throughout!

Buck’s stories of WOW outreaches and God working in people’s hearts go on and on. From events at equestrian centers, to skateboard, BMX and surf outreaches, Buck and the WOW ministry have made a great team, and God has shown up faithfully.

From 2008-2010, Buck and his wife spent two years in Portugal working with Christian Surfers, and there they continued to partner with Walking on Water, showing movies and doing outreaches.

Upon returning to the states in 2010 the Waters continued working with WOW, premiering Promised Land on a Sunday evening with hundreds attending the movie.

In 2013, when Beyond Sight premiered they rented a theater for 7 days in Pensacola, competing with Hollywood blockbusters.

In 2014 they had planned a return trip back to Portugal and were excited to learn their friends there with Christian Surfers Portugal were organizing a Beyond Sight showing with Derek as a guest! The reception to Derek and the movie there was fantastic, with a completely packed venue and national media attention.

Buck says: “Looking back, I would have to say God has richly blessed each event where we have shared the Gospel Message using WOW films. I am honored and excited to again partner with WOW as we bring Surfers and Cowboys to the Rex Theatre in Pensacola on June 9,10&11.”