With Surfers and Cowboys movie about to be released to the world, I have asked the Director of the movie, Bryan Jennings, a few questions. Here’s our interview:

Q: How did you come up with this story idea?

A: When I was a kid I would spend every moment I could in the ocean, and my father and my grandfather literally had to pull me out of the water. We would drive out to Jackson hole Wyoming to a dude ranch every summer, and at first I hated it because I loved surfing so much. Eventually I realized how much I love the cowboy and bull riding world! I received a phone call one day from a sports agent letting me know some bull riders were in town and they wanted to learn to surf, so my two favorite worlds were about to collide.

Q: What is this movie about?

A: This movie is about Zane Cook, a young bull rider with the dream to make the Pro Bull Riding Tour. He is in a slump at the time that he meets Bryan Jennings, who introduces him to some big wave surfers in Hawaii. Zane and Aaron Gold (big wave surfer) realize they have much in common. The movie tracks both of their lives for about a year including incredible moments like Aaron riding the biggest wave ever ridden, and Zane riding one of the most dangerous bulls on the planet. They both learn very valuable life lessons and share their faith in Jesus Christ.

Q: What is the main theme of the movie?

A: The tagline for this movie is: “Where fear and faith collide”.

Q: What do you hope people will learn?

A: We hope that people will walk out of the movie theater asking themselves if they are missing out on God’s blessings in their lives because they have allowed fear to control them instead of faith. Our hope is for people to start a relationship with Jesus Christ — not a religion, but a relationship. The JetSki assist rescue team members put their own lives at risk in order to save big wave surfers, and this is a very good physical picture of what Christ has done for us. We hope that people will see that through this movie. We also hope that everyone watching this movie will see the courage of bull riders and big wave surfers, and know that God can give them that same courage to face any major challenges in their lives!

Q: What are the world tour plans?

A: We will start the world tour March 17, 2017 with movie showings in San Clemente, Newport Beach, Encinitas, Oklahoma, and Pensacola Florida. Like all of our past movies over the past 15 years, our hope is that hundreds of thousands of people will be in live attendance at Surfers and Cowboys movie showings in many countries over the next couple years! To host a showing or reach out to our team regarding the movie please contact [email protected] or call 760-438-1111

Written by Monica Swanson, monicaswanson.com