Aaron Gold is a big wave surfer who grew up in Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Now living on Oahu’s North Shore with his wife and two daughters, Aaron is among the best in the big wave riding community, and bringing God glory through his surfing.

Last December, Bryan Jennings approached Aaron with the idea of being involved in a movie about surfers and bull riders. Aaron loved the idea—in fact, he had always had a fascination with bull riding and had hoped for the chance to try it one day. But the timing was bad—not only was it a very busy season for Aaron, but the holding period for the Eddie Aikau big wave surf contest was about to begin. It would be unwise to risk an injury before the Eddie.

But after praying about things, Aaron felt that God was leading him to be a part of this film, so he said yes. In no time, Aaron found himself with Bryan Jennings, and three bull riders from Oklahoma. The guys all surfed together, and shared stories of big waves and crazy bull rides. Aaron immediately saw the many similarities between surfing big waves, and riding bulls. Both could draw an athlete close to God in a unique and powerful way.

Finally, Aaron had his turn to ride a bull. After being thrown off the bull the first time, he was all the more ready to go for it again. He loved it, and now he wants to do more of it. “When I surf, it is like my time with God. Nothing else matters when I’m on the water and a big wave comes. Similarly, when you’re on a bull, it is just you and God. You have to be fully in the moment. Those are the times that draw you really close to the Lord.”