Aaron Gold is not only a godly husband, father, and big wave surfer in Hawaii, but he is also one of the stars of the Surfer Cowboy movie! We shared a little bit of Aaron’s story in the March, 2015 Newsletter, but we just had to chat with him again since he recently hit a new level of fame when he caught what many are claiming was the biggest waves ever paddled into while surfing at Pea’hi, (also called Jaws), on the island of Maui!

Though Aaron is getting a lot of attention for the history-making wave, he remains incredibly humble. “It was just so special to be a part of it. It was as much fun to see my friends catching waves as it was to be surfing them myself.” Aaron says he didn’t even realize how big the wave was until he paddled back out to the other surfers screaming and cheering for him.

Aaron enjoys big waves because he experiences God’s peace while surfing them. He has to be completely focused and dependent on God in big waves, and he loves that.

Though Aaron is a quiet, humble guy, his faith is known in the surf community. Other surfers often come to him to ask for prayer before hitting the waves, and the cross on his boards is a subtle reminder of God’s constant presence in his life.

Aaron is excited to see the Surfer Cowboy movie in it’s final stages. He loved riding a bull with the crew, and is already looking forward to doing it again. “I really want to enter at least a small rodeo, and win a belt buckle so I can wear it around the north shore with my cowboy boots!”

We know that God has a lot in store for Aaron Gold, and we’ll be cheering him on as he goes — whether he is riding a bull, or more of the biggest waves in the world.

Check out this wave Aaron caught, photographed by Gavin Shige