In late March, Bryan Jennings had the privilege of teaching for a week at the chapels, Christian education classes, and film & tv classes at Scots College (all boys school) in Sydney, Australia. Bryan also showed the students, ages 8 – 17, the Surfers & Cowboys movie, and it was very well received. For the past four years Bryan Jennings has been friends with Dr. Ian Lambert who is the principal of Scots College in Sydney, Australia. Many of the students started a relationship with Jesus Christ when Bryan gave them the opportunity. Another highlight was encouraging the young film makers at Scots College, and planning a student exchange program where the Australian students will be given a behind-the-scenes Hollywood film making experience, and they will also attend the Walking On Water surf camps this summer. Then, in return, the Australian students will host a group of our surf campers in their hometown of Sydney, Australia, later in the year. This partnership with Scots College is a great example of how the Walking On Water ministry hopes to raise up, train, and encourage the next generation of young leaders from all over the world. Huge thank you to Jeanine Treherne, the CEO of the Stand Tall Events, who originally introduced Bryan to Dr. Lambert. For info on Scots College, visit


Written by Bryan Jennings