What a night of Glorifying Jesus Christ in public!We experienced a wonderful evening of sharing the gospel with a little less than 200 people on the baseball field. It was a reverent evening, manyhearts were encouraged and some unexpected lives changed. When the invitation was given, about 25 people walked across the field, all the way up to the stage.  There is no telling what was happening in the hearts of those who stayed in the outfield. We heard weeping  all over the field during the Billy Graham video “Defining Moments” and during the invitation to make decision for Christ, and God only knows whose hearts were turned toward Him and added to the Lambs Book of Life in Heaven.
As the night closed some really unique 1st time salvation stories emerged and even some of thesetup and breakdown crew members were deeply affected and asking us for prayer. It was awesome to see Jesus lifted up and glorified in a public arena, and the word of God through Billy Graham’s voice echoing all throughout the hills; “Today, is the day of salvation, choose this day, whom you will serve!” [emphasis mine]
To summarize in a few words. This night was a work of the Holy Spirit, a labor of love, and a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving pleasing to the Lord. I know each of you would gladly spendyourselves again for just one soul. For what is the cost of one soul saved from the pit of hell, worth?  A cold night on a field, missing one Sunday night relaxing at home, an inconvenient drive to North county, passing out door hangers, Jesus gave it all and so did you!!
So thank you for your prayers, time, talents, resources, and pouring your servant hearts into this outreach – without your willing and obedient hearts  to step out in faith it would have never came together in such a short period of time.
This is not the end, it’s only the beginning of what the Lord has started in our community. Now, the work begins, to keep praying for those who came to new faith in Christ, following up and disciplining these new babes in Christ. Calls and text have been pouring in from some of them already.