I absolutely love how God works and it is interesting that I just taught on Luke 2:25 about Simeon being “Prompted” by the Holy Spirit. After a Walking On Water supporter made a donation from New York city a few weeks ago, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to host a Soul Surfer screening in New York city while the world tour of surfing was there and during the tenth anniversary of 911. I asked Bethany Hamilton and AnnaSophia Robb if they would like to come and to my surprise that had already been invited during the same exact dates to attend a Cantor Fitzgerald’s fundraiser. God had set it all up in advance. So before I knew it, I was on an airplane flying into New York city on September 11th. As our American Airlines flight flew past the new towers being rebuilt in downtown Manhattan, I couldn’t believe that exactly ten years ago to the hour such a terrible thing had happened in New York. My next three days in New York were full of divine appointments. I attended Mike Doyle’s (He worked at WOW for 5 years) new church appropriately named The Movement, attended the Cantor Fitzgerald memorial (They lost 658 employees out of 1,000 employees on 911) where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke, met up with Bethany Hamilton and AnnaSophia Robb for the Cantor Fitzgerald charity day which donates all of their profits that day to over one hundred charities, and finally hosted the Soul Surfer screening at the famous Ziegfeld theater where most Hollywood films are premiered in Manhattan. It was a very full three days to say the least. The Cantor charity day requires that charities bring celebrities to do the trading that day on the phones. Ben Stiller and President Clinton were among two of the celebrities and yes I met Ben Stiller and called him “Adam” thinking he was Adam Standler (Sorry Ben!). Between Bethany and AnnaSophia they traded over 2 billion dollars that day on the phones with investors. However the highlight of the trip for me was seeing the famous Ziegfeld theater packed out with Bethany fans and especially one divine appointment that happened. After I hosted the question and answer time with Bethany, she had to get going for her early flight the next day and as she was leaving a Chief New York Fire Fighter and his daughter happened to show up late and were one of the few who had the opportunity to meet Bethany and take a photo with her. His daughter was absolutely freaking out excited and when Bethany left I had the honor of talking to this chief fire fighter about his 911 experience. He and a fellow fire fighter barely escaped when the first tower fell and when the second tower fell his fellow fire fighter friend unfortunately did not make it while he happened to jump into a garage of a neighboring building which saved his life. We thanked him for his service and I asked him if we could pray for him and his family. After praying for him, I said, “They might all be excited to meet Bethany but that is how I feel about meeting you. You are a hero and I am so thankful that you lived on 911 and to meet your beautiful eight year old daughter who would not be here if you had been killed.” I then went back into the packed out theater and shared the Gospel message after the movie. Over thirty people received Christ that night. I absolutely love watching God work!!! This N.Y. Soul Surfer event was officially hosted by the Friends of Bethany Foundation in partnership with Waking On Water, Movement Church, and Cobian sandals. For More info on the Bethany Hamilton Foundation please go to: www.friendsofbethany.com A very special thank you to the Hamilton Family, Robb Family, Gilbert Family, Polakowski Family, Movement Church, Friends of Bethany foundation, Cantor Fitzgerald, Cobian Sandals, and thank you for all who prayed and supported this trip!!!