Walking on Water recently returned from a mission trip to Miyazaki, Japan. While there, the team worked with Christian Surfers Japan in the little town of Kawaminami. Kawaminami has been affected by the Bird Flu and Hoof and Mouth disease these past few years, resulting in much devastation and hopelessness to the small farming community. During our stay, we were able to spread some light to the people by hosting an ice cream party for the kids and by running an English Bible camp where we shared the good news of Jesus Christ. Japan’s national surfing championship, which attracts the best surfers in Japan, also happened to be held during our trip! Taking advantage of this amazing opportunity to evangelize, we passed out 1,000 Walking On Water Dvds along with 600 “Surfers Guide to God” (these are Gospel of Mark booklets in Japanese complete with surfers testimonies). The Lord thoroughly blessed our time in Japan beyond what we could have planned for! Please continue to pray for the people of Japan, as well as consider joining us next year. For more information on our upcoming missions trips please visit the missions page on our website.