My children were born in the Dominican Republic because we were missionaries ministering in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  In December of 2011, we suddenly had to return to the United States due to a very difficult crisis situation.  While the boys were growing up in the Dominican Republic,their favorite things to do was surfing on the North coast in the towns Cabarete and Sosua.  The boys have never been able to return to the Dominican Republic and they were missing surfing so much!!  They are gradually adjusting to their new life in Michigan but always remembering and missing surfing.  At that point, my oldest son heard about Walking on Water and the summer surf camp.  For months, I had not seen him so excited about anything!  As much as I wanted my boys to have the spiritual input and surfing opportunity of the overnight camp last summer, I did not see any possible way I could financially send even one of them.  My oldest son wanted to go so badly and we began to pray about it as a family.  Our prayers were answered when Walking on Water generously gave a full-scholarship to my two oldest sons Landon and Nathan!  Through a series of events the Lord also provided the way for us to purchase airline tickets.  The boys had a great time at the camp last summer.   The boys loved surfing with Bryan Jennings and learned many new surfing skills.  The Lord used all of the staff to be great role models for them and they realized that you can be a Christian and also be a “Cool Surfer” (in their words)!  These were the best days of the year for them!  As a mom, I was deeply grateful for the scholarship gift they were given and I was so thankful for the way God has used Walking on Water to encourage my sons walk of faith and put smiles on their faces!  This summer all three of my boys (Landon, Nathan and Andersen) got to go to surf camp!!
Comments from Nathan and ​Landon about last years surf camp – Dream location to surf, my counselor was fun and I could relate to him because he has been a missionary in Mexico, I liked how he used his love for surfing to share Jesus love.  Bryan Jennings actually surfed with me and the other campers much of the time – that was cool, Bryan showed interest in me personally and he encouraged me in my surfing ability and following God, the food was super good, I got to know other kids that loved surfing like me, the only negative was that it did not last forever!