Walking On Water Family & Friends Worldwide,

It was on my heart today to write a very genuine heart felt letter to you, our Walking On Water friends and family around the world in hopes of thanking you for your support, giving you an update on our vision for the future, presenting a few of our current needs, and most importantly a few prayer requests.   I find it interesting how on Instagram and social media we all like to post photos that make our lives look amazing, like we have no problems.  So I hope to be real and honest with you in this letter sharing both our praises, and our difficulties.

I can’t believe we are celebrating 20 years of the Walking On Water ministry and our team is so encouraged as we remember all the people who have been impacted through a Walking On Water surf camp, movie outreach, mission trip, or movie.  This has only been possible through your support, so thank you very much!  As I read the Bible it is very clear to me that Jesus commissions all of us to go and make disciples of all nations and it is also very clear that He promises us that we will be persecuted, spiritually attacked, and go through trouble as we do go out to share the Gospel.  Jesus also promises us that He will be with us always and that He conquered death when He rose from the dead, so His perfect love can and should cast out all fear we might have.   However, for some reason I still seem to be surprised when we are persecuted, spiritually attacked, or go through tough times.  

Over the past two years we have seen God work through the Walking On Water ministry to share the Gospel with over 60,000 people in Beyond Sight movie outreach events, with over 300 surf campers, and through our mission trips to El Salvador, Brazil, Japan, and the Middle East.  However behind the scenes there have been some very big challenges that our core team, including my family, have been facing.    My wife Korin Jennings has been sick for over 20 years without a correct diagnosis until almost two years ago when she finally received a correct diagnosis and found out she has Chronic Lyme disease.  This is a terrible disease that has left Korin feeling absolutely terrible most days.  You can find out more about Lyme Disease here: www.ilads.org.   Korin has had to quit her job as a Labor and Deliver Nurse and I have done my best to help with our four year old daughter, Ella.  This disease has also come with some huge health expenses because unfortunately Chronic Lyme Disease is not covered by any health insurance companies.  As many of you have experienced, when we go through storms our enemy, the father of lies, tries to take advantage of the opportunity by kicking us while we are down.  However in 2 Corinthians 12:9 we are reminded that, “In my weakness His power is made perfect.”  Please pray for Korin’s healing and for our family as we do all we can to find the best treatment possible.  Other Walking On Water staff members have also had some health issues.  So we hold onto God’s promises as we walk through the storms of this life and hopefully we are so in tune with the Holy Spirit that we are not surprised by any persecutions or spiritual attacks.

As we enter the 21st year of the Walking On Water ministry, our vision has not changed.  It is simply to reach and impact the global surfing community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through surf camps, movies, outreaches, and mission trips.  The specific vision we believe God has given us for the next few years include:

  1. Self distribution of the Beyond Sight movie through more theater showings and releasing the movie on DVD and for download through Vimeo, iTunes, and Amazon.
  2. Raise $70,000 to finish the Surfers And Cowboys movie and host outreach events with it.  (www.surfersandcowboysmovie.com)
  3. Surf Camps & After School Surf Programs in San Diego & Orange County & possibly Australia.
  4. Mission Trips to the Middle East, Japan, and El Salvador.
  5. Making all 12 Walking On Water movies available for downloading online.
  6. Guest speaking at churches.
  7. Produce The Promised Land II movie.

I had a great coffee meeting with my friend David today who financially supports Walking On Water.  He told me that he wants his family to be more involved with the Walking On Water ministry.  Our conversation reminded me of many other families who also want to be more involved with Walking On Water.  So I will share with you what I told David.  The best ways to become more active with Walking On Water would be to attend one of our staff meetings, have coffee with me or one of our staff members, attend a surf camp, attend a mission trip, volunteer for our fundraiser dinners, volunteer for our movie outreaches, host your own movie outreach, financially support as a monthly donor, and/or help with our after school surf programs.  To get more involved simply email me at [email protected] or call our surf camp director Kyle Lane on our office phone:  760-438-1111.

Lastly God has provided, and I believe will continue to provide, for the Walking On Water ministry.  90% of our income comes through individual supporters, so we can’t do this without your generous support!  Funds have been low lately and we are hoping this will change with our upcoming fundraiser dinners November 21st in La Jolla and December 5th in San Clemente.  However, if you are praying about where to give your year-end donations, please prayerfully consider joining our monthly donor team and/or making a one time donation to support the Walking On Water Ministry as we continue to share the Gospel with this generation.  Online donations can be made at walkingonwater.com/donate  or you can make checks out to “Walking On Water” and mail to:  Walking On Water, 5928 Balfour Court, Carlsbad, CA 92008.

If you made it this far thank you for taking the time to read this letter.   It really means a lot to me.  Our prayer requests are for everything mentioned above.  I hope to have more coffee meetings with our Walking On Water supporters, so please let me know if you have time for one.

God bless you today in all you might be doing!

Bryan Jennings
Founder & Executive Director
Walking On Water
Email:  [email protected]