Jeanine Treharne Personal Story

Three years ago, Jeanine Treharne felt that God was calling her to show high school students that being a Christian could be exciting and fulfilling.  Gathering a team of parents together, she stepped out in faith to organize an exciting day event for schools and invited some of Australia’s leading Christian role models to be involved.  The ministry, which was named The Stand-Tall-Event, encouraged kids to stand tall against peer pressure, and provided them an amazing line-up of role models to look up to.  From Christian singers to Olympic medalists, God was providing everything they needed to bless the youth.

Just two months before the 2013 Stand-Tall event was planned, two of the main speakers had to back out due to other obligations.  Just when Jeanine was desperate for God to fill that need, her friend sent her a press release about Derek Rabelo and the movie Beyond Sight.  Though it seemed like an impossible dream, Jeanine decided to get in touch with Bryan Jennings, who responded simply with “Let’s Go.”

From that time, it seemed that obstacles came at every turn.  However, with each obstacle, God cleared the way.  From travel bookings, to Derek’s visa, everything was both complicated, yet covered in God’s grace.  Even up to the last minute, when Derek’s visa application was held up, and they were told that it would take up to a month for the visa to come through, all Jeanine and the ministry team could do was pray and trust God.  Miraculously, Derek’s visa was granted, and he was able to make it to Australia just in time for the Stand-Tall event.

Derek and Bryan were able to share Derek’s story to more than 1200 students, as well as with many churches, and schools.  God was clearly at work.  Jeanine says “The flood of divine connections for Bryan and the movie were beyond amazing.  After a few days we all began to expect them to happen.  God was brining people together in a way I have never experienced and wonderful new friendships were forming.  Derek and the movie had captured everyone’s imagination and people’s hearts were stirred to become involved in promoting the movie.”