Our 9th annual trip to Japan was really special because not only did we pass out 600 Walking On Water DVD’s, teach little kids about Jesus and how to surf, we also premiered the Promised Land movie! Four Japanese Christian organizations rallied behind the premiere (Christian Surfers Japan, Bridges for Peace Japan, A Bridge Between Zion and Japan and Naha Baptist Church) which over four hundred and fifty people showed up to.  It was by far the largest screening we have ever done in Japan! After the movie Todd Morehead, director of Promised Land, gave a message to the Christians about our special responsibility towards the Jews and also shared with those in the audience who did not know Jesus yet as their Lord that peace is only found in Jesus the Messiah. In Japan there is the wide misconception that Christianity is a western religion, when in fact it is not western at all! Jesus was Israeli! Both the movie and the message emphasized that Jesus is the Messiah for all nations, even the Japanese.

Another highlight was that the Promised Land study guide was skillfully translated into Japanese and 5,000 copies are being spread all over Japan! One of the pastors helping with the event said that she had been praying for a fresh dose of God’s Spirit to come upon Okinawa and that she believed her prayers were answered through the Promised Land premiere. God continues to work in Japan through Walking On Water mission trips and He continues to show us that He has anointed the Promised Land movie and has a plan for it far beyond what we could have imagined.