Last month we accomplished our 10th annual summer mission trip to Japan! This years trip brought eight members from Christian Surfers Japan (CSJ), eight members from Walking On Water and one 3x world surf champion–Tom Curren to Sendai Japan, to reach out to the surfers who were greatly effected by the tsunami. It was truly another amazing year in Japan as we served alongside our friends from CSJ. Japan is one of the most unreached countries in the world with the gospel. It is less than a half of one percent Christian–in other words 99.5% of the Japanese people do not know Jesus. There are more surfers in Japan then there are Christians!
Our aim on this trip was to be a blessing to the Japanese surfers who survived the 2011 tsunami and to shine Christ’s light on them. It was amazing watching as surfer after surfer came up to Tom Curren completely star struck by the living legend. Tom took time to visit with them, sign their surfboards, T-shirts, magazines and anything else they wanted his signature on. Tom was the special guest at the Promised Land movie night and he opened up the night with amazing live music. After the movie the gospel was presented to the audience. Presenting the gospel there comes with a challenge that we do not deal with in our culture because Japanese do not have a correct concept of sin. It was explained that anytime we disobey God we are guilty of sin, and that all of us are guilty and need the forgiveness that only Jesus offers. For nearly all the Japanese people who were in the audience it would have been the first time they heard the gospel!

Our prayer is that God’s Holy Spirit convicts them of their need for Him because without the conviction why would anyone feel like they need a savior? Please pray along with us for this.
We also had an opportunity to serve the beach community by doing a beach clean-up, give out coffee to the surfers, and hand out the Bethany Hamilton DVD Heart of a Soul Surfer. At the end of our trip the local missionaries we were working with from CSJ said that our collective efforts made in-roads with the locals that previously were not there, and brought down walls in areas that had previously been erected. This was very encouraging to hear, especially since Japan is a hard country to do ministry in. For this reason it’s so important that our team was helpful and encouraging.