Since Bryan Jennings was seven years old, each year his grandparents would lead his entire extended family on a road trip from California to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was at the Moosehead Ranch where Bryan and his family made their most special memories, and where they learned to love and respect the cowboy culture. Recently for Father’s Day, Bryan and his older brother John, and younger sister Sarah brought their father Doug back out to Jackson Hole. They were also filming for the Surfers And Cowboys movie. It was a very special trip visiting Moosehead Ranch, horseback riding, being in God’s country, and being reminded of the strong family values they learned while growing up there. Doug Jennings brought Bryan, Sarah, and John to a place he had always wanted to bring them. It was a special rock overlooking the beautiful Green River Lakes where, as a 17 year old young man, he had realized for his first time that he was not alone and that God was very real. This will be a powerful segment of the Surfers and Cowboys movie that we hope to finish by November of 2015. Your prayers and financial support are much appreciated and are very needed for this movie.  For more info or to make a donation, visit