In January we were back in Israel and had the opportunity to screen the Promised Land movie two different times. Like last year, Tom Curren joined us as special guest and really amped up the Israeli surfing community as he joined forces with a couple local musicians to rock the house. The first screening took place in Netanya to a packed out crowd. Nearly all the people attending were Jewish Israelis accept for a handful of pro surfers who were in the country for the first World Qualifying Series event of the 2018 season. We found ourselves in the most unlikely place for the Gospel to advance — in a pub. But since we were in the very land where Jesus walked, with the very people he ministered to (the Jewish people), we figured we’d do what Jesus did…So we brought the message to them right where they were at. The second screening was at our good friends’ surf school in Jaffa, and it was filled with stoked Israeli surfer girls. After the two screenings our team reflected on what happened as a group. One of the guys on the trip said, “How can we explain to people the importance of the Promised Land movie and how God is using it?” Then he said, “maybe it’s more like the work that went on in China with missionaries who smuggled in Bibles? It’s groundbreaking ministry which allows the seed of the gospel to be planted and take root.” We are grateful for all that God is doing, and the fruit it we trust it will bring!