In January, I had the privilege of leading another team to Israel. While there we screened the Promised Land movie in Jaffa to a packed out house with a couple hundred Israeli surfers. This event was special for me because it was Tom Curren’s first time back in Israel since we made the film. Tom was the special guest providing music for the evening and the Israelis were so stoked to see him! I’m always reminded of God’s faithfulness when I show Promised Land and five years after it’s creation I continue to be amazed. In the port of Jaffa—where Peter was told by God to take the Gospel to the Gentiles—my team and I had the incredible opportunity to share Promised Land with the Jewish people.

Please take a moment to pray that God would water the seeds that were sown that night.

While in Israel I led my team in the footsteps of Jesus with the goal to give vision to my group for both the land and the people of Israel. At each location we opened up God’s Word, and talked about past, present and future events. As a group we discovered that we play a crucial role in bringing the Gospel to the Jewish people. We had an amazing time together and I believe we will all be forever changed from our experience.

Here are a couple thoughts from some of the team members after their trips:

“Perhaps even more than the amazing way this trip brought new light to my time spent in the Word, it absolutely changed my heart for how to pray for God’s will for Israel and all the people around that area. The itinerary Todd chose and the things he taught us will impact me for the rest of my life…” – Ramona Mattingley

“…this was the best trip of my life. People ask me what the highlight was and I tell them, ‘There were highlights on a daily basis, I had several ‘a ha’ moments, and I read the Bible with brand new eyes.’ It’s invigorating!” -Sharon Gillotte

“Visiting Israel was a life changing experience and I will never read the Biblical narrative the same because I walked the very places that Jesus walked. During our time in Israel it was clear that God has, and continues to have, a heart for the Jews and he continues to draw them to himself. Israel is a special place and every person should visit.” -Nate Castro

Written by Todd Morehead