THE HOBGOODS DOCUMENTARY Damien and CJ Hobgood are identical twin brothers, world-renowned professional surfers, iand committed followers of Christ. They have been a part of many of the Walking on Water films, and their testimony has inspired many people around the world. Now, the Hobgood brothers are working on a film documentary of their own lives, and we are excited to support them in their efforts. I had the chance to sit down with Damien Hobgood so that he could share a little bit about all of this with us. Here is a bit of what we talked about: The Hobgood brothers’ involvement with the Walking on Water films: Damien shared that although he and CJ had already committed their life and their surfing to Jesus Christ, their involvement with the WOW films played a pivotal role in their spiritual life. Being in the Walking on Water films meant their faith became public, and with that they found a new accountability and a lot of personal growth. There were times when they wondered what people would think…what sponsors would think…but through their step of faith, they also experienced God’s blessings. The upcoming Hobgood documentary: -What is it about? Damien was clear that this was not going to be just a surf movie. This would be the story of the Hobgood brothers, and yes, surfing is a big part of their lives, so there will be surfing in the movie. But even more, there is the story of growing up with a twin brother. Damien said that through the movie they plan to share some of the challenges of growing up with an identical twin who shared the same exact goals and dreams as he did. There were times that this was perceived as more of a curse than a blessing to the brothers, who remember praying childhood prayers of “Why?…Why can’t we be different?” Their story is one of seeing how God used this relationship, and all of the friction and the challenges and all of the identity issues that they have experienced to grow them into the men that they are today. There are layers upon layers of lessons in what they have experienced, and they hope to share them in a way that encourages and inspires parents and young people alike. “When you have a twin, it is like you are constantly confronted with your own issues and weaknesses. Every time you want to be critical of your brother, you realize that he is basically a mirror of your own self. You simply cannot get away from the reality of things, and it forces you to deal with things.” Damien compares that to a relationship with God. “When you are real with God, sometimes you squirm, wishing you could get out of something, and you don’t want to face things. But being real with God is the best way to grow and develop as a person.” How the Hobgoods faith will show up in the film: Damien said that the film will be a very honest look at the Hobgood brothers’ life, and they will be completely open about their relationships with God. They hope that their film will share some of the struggles they faced in a way that young people will realize that what they are going through is normal. They plan to share about identity struggles in a way that points people to finding their identity in a relationship with God alone. How can we all help supper their project: The Hobgoods are in the middle of a fund-raising effort right now, and would greatly appreciate any little bit of support people can give. You can go to their INDIGO sight, HERE, to learn more about their film, and support them financially if you feel led to do so! The Hobgood brothers’ documentary is guaranteed to be positive, inspirational, and filled with humor, and epic surfing. We are proud to be friends of the Hobgoods and wish them the best of success in their surfing, their film, and their futures!