Hawaii Filming and Outreach Trip Update


What happens when the lives of 3 professional bull riders collide with the lives of 3 professional big wave surfers?  In Hawaii we found out as we filmed for our new movie (Title of movie not decided yet.)!  We want to thank everyone who supported us in prayer and finances to make this  trip happen to the North Shore of Oahu.  Everything we were hoping would happened definitely happened and in much better ways than we expected.  God always does more than we can imagine!  The bull riders Thad Newell, Jake Nelson, and Zane Cook could not believe they were in Hawaii for the first time in their lives!  The four professional big wave surfers Nathan Fletcher, Aaron Gold, Magno Passos, and Derek Rabelo (Blind Surfer) could not believe they were riding bulls in Hawaii and were surprised to find out that the two sports have so many similarities.  The bull riding arena was located where Jurassic Park was filmed so it was beautiful to say the least.  The surfers and bull riders attended the Beyond Sight movie showing that was held across the street from Pipeline where the Gospel was presented to a packed out crowd.  One of the highlights of the trip was meeting Levi Rita and Albert Silva who are Hawaiian Cowboys who took such good care of us and truly showed us what “Aloha” means.  We were given access to ride horses on their private ranch overlooking Sunset Beach that most locals have never had the pleasure of seeing.  This new documentary is going to be such a powerful movie!   Our next steps are to raise the funds needed to finish the movie and to film the bull riders in Oklahoma during their BRI bull riding finals in January.  We want to thank the athletes, filmer Sean Marin, producer Sheri Smith, producer Faith Fay, and Swanson Family for all their hard work on set!