Recently WOW hosted a GROM weekend for the girls and one for the guys! They were both super successful; here are some quick highlights from Katherine and Kyle:

About the GIRLS: The girls had so much fun together; we talked about “Spending yourself” out of Esther chapter 3. Specially, we talked about spiritual gifts. All of the girls took a spiritual gift test, which was fun, and helped them start thinking about their gifts and how they can use those gifts to “spend themselves” for others, and be the face of Jesus to those around them. We surfed, went to thrift stores, fellowshipped, and adventured all weekend long. We even had some time to meet up with the guys’ group at the campground! Overall, the girls were stoked and want to have a girls weekend every month!

About the GUYS: The GROM guys had such a cool weekend! It was great ministry, and great relationship-building with students. Everything ran smooth and all the kids seemed to leave having had a really fun time. We talked about prayer, and were blessed by having Clay Norian and Corey Colapinto share brief testimonies. We camped out all weekend and held “Grom Games” on Sunday morning: 15 minute Wavestorm surf heats followed by a wavestorm relay race and saltine cracker speed-eating, and Sprite-chugging contest. Pretty classic!

Overall the GROM weekends are proving to be a great blessing for both the girls and guys. We are excited to continue in the new year!