In mid-December, we were able to host Walking on Water’s first all girls leadership weekend led by Katherine Miranda and Hannah VanVeen. Our purpose for this weekend was to encourage and raise up girls to become ambassadors for Christ through the Walking on Water ministry, and learn at a young age how to love others where they are and to give freely to those around them. Our guiding verse was Deuteronomy 15:10-11: “Give generously and with open hands.”

It was an amazing weekend filled with surfing, fellowship, spiritual growth and Jesus. We had the opportunity as a group to buy small gifts and hand them out to complete strangers around San Clemente. Most people were taken back and you could see the light and joy that filled their eyes when they received a gift for no reason. We shared every meal and cooked together as a group which allowed us to really connect with each other and become close-knit sisters in Christ. Surfing was at the top of our list of activities, but when the waves didn’t cooperate we went Christmas caroling, thrift store shopping, gift giving, sleeping bag surfing (down the stairs) and skateboarding. Every second of the weekend was packed with fun and adventure and we cannot wait to have more girls weekends ahead! Our next girls leadership weekend will be tentatively February 5-7.