This weekend we brought together nine girls from all over California and Texas to fellowship with one another, and grow deeper in our relationships with Jesus. We focused on 2 Timothy 1:7 and Acts chapters 2-4 learning about the “power” we receive from the Holy Spirit and how each of us can tap into that in our daily lives. We spent Saturday at Salt Creek where a couple of the girls participated in the West Coast Board riders competition, placing 3rd for Encinitas. We surfed all day and ended the night with a Bible study on power and a beautiful worship set led by two of the girls attending the weekend. It was an amazing weekend learning about the authority each of us has by the power of the Holy Spirit living within us, and how God calls us to step into that power. We have the opportunity to tap into that power whenever we choose, as a free gift from God. Knowing that we can accomplish anything God has put on our hearts to do because we have His strength and His power ready for us to use. What a blessing that is! This was another unforgettable weekend filled with laughter, surf, and good, deep conversations. New friends were made and lasting memories were created.

Written by Katherine Miranda