Faith lessons are ALL AROUND US…if we’re looking for them.

Really, God has made it so easy to experience Him, and learn more about Him, just by the way He has made us and the creation we live in!   I have a lot of fun when I take time to LOOK for faith analogies, and teaching points in the every day with my family.

If your kids are surfers, I think you’ll find plenty.  Here’s just a few that I have recently used:

**The waves are a great illustration of the Holy Spirit…who is powerful, gentle, and moving constantly, even though we cannot see or fully understand Him.  (John 3:8)

**The current in the ocean can be strong, and if we are not aware of it, can pull us down stream to places we do not want to go.  Similarly, the world would like to pull us down, and if we are not alert, and purposefully following God’s ways, we can end up more like the world than like the Lord.  (Romans 12:2)

** We’ve had some big rains here in Hawaii lately, and our beautiful blue ocean has turned an ugly brown.  The rivers that pour into it have polluted the fresh water with filth from garbage, pesticides, and all kinds of gunk.  Similarly, our own lives are made pure when we become a Christian, but can be “muddied up” if we let garbage in…The things we watch, the friends we spend time with, and what we involve ourselves in will affect the purity in our hearts.  It is important to protect ourselves from the gunk, and to come to the Lord often to be renewed by His cleansing. (Titus 3:5)

This is a fun exercise to do with your kids.  See how many analogies you can come up with, and let them try a few.  Then be sure to encourage them for trying!

With Aloha, Monica (