Our trip to El Salvador was amazing and unpredictable! We had so many expectations dashed against the wall…So many times that God revealed to us his much bigger picture. Our team of 20 set out for the 9th annual mission trip to El Salvador. The goal: reach El Zonte, ES, put on a Vacation Bible School, and use surfing and other service opportunities to build relationships with the locals. However, after four cancelled flights, one 2AM drive from Dallas to Houston, a missed connection, and three days of travel, our team of 7 found ourselves in the tiny airport of Belize. By the time we ended up in Belize and missed our connection – forcing us to stay over night in this unknown culture – we were used to plans falling apart. The rest of our team had already arrived in El Salvador, but without any of the VBS materials…or surfboards. It didn’t matter, they began running a simplified VBS. The kids did not seem to be as concerned about materials as our team. Smiles and laughter came from the simple act of being present together. It was unexpected and beautiful. Meanwhile back in Belize our group of 7 – the only team members that had not arrived in El Salvador yet – found ourselves battling disappointment and frustration. However, through a variety of God-ordained circumstances we flew out of Belize, encouraged and fired up for whatever God would continue to reveal to us. Nothing really went according to plan, but we learned to search for opportunities to be light wherever God had us. We also were reminded to battle spiritual attacks through prayer. There were many valuable and unexpected lessons learned on this trip. Thank you, God!