It is always a beautiful and a humbling experience when you get to watch the Lord work. Regardless of the time, location, or circumstance, it is impossible to not be filled with excitement and awe. In one sense you find yourself thinking, “Who am I?” and in another, “How great are YOU, God!” Walking On Water is happy to welcome back the El Zonte, El Salvador Mission Trip Team from their week-long stay in Central America. The team, having returned at the beginning of January, had the opportunity to share the holiday season with friends in the small coastal community of El Zonte. It is a beautiful little town with a population of about 2,000. This was the 8th year that the team has travelled to El Zonte. Each year the teams have brought bags filled to the brim with materials, instruments, toys and games for running a 5-day Vacation Bible School. This year they got to interact with 50-60 kids each day. The Lord put on their hearts to teach about the ‘Armor of God’. The kids loved the skits and the cardboard Roman soldier outfits. More than this, it was obvious that the message really stuck in their minds. As the team would surf and swim with the kids following VBS, they would hear many of them making references to the specific Armor of God taught that day. 

In addition, Christian Surfers El Salvador was excited and gracious to host two nights of Beyond Sight movie showings. At the showing in El Zonte the team was amazed as 200+ people filtered into the large backyard of an abandoned house. The screen was hung from a large tree branch in front of a stadium style grass area. It was an electric environment; people cheering for the surfing and for Derek’s barrel! When the movie ended, the Gospel was shared and the Holy Spirit moved many people to new faith and to revived faith! To live by faith, and not by sight was a powerful message that night. Over the years this trip has allowed for longstanding relationships to be built, families to be blessed, encouraged and prayed over, and for team members to experience the same. It has been a great opportunity for everyone to step outside their comfort zones and join our teams. This year, three Walking On Water high school surf campers attended and blessed the community. It has set them on a course towards a passion for sharing/living the love of Christ. To join us next December, email [email protected]

Please be praying as we seek to support the establishment of a Feeding Center where year round ministry would occur in El Zonte.