What a blessed outreach trip we had in December to the North Shore of Oahu! Bryan Jennings was hosting a few families who won the VIP Pipe Masters trip at the Walking On Water banquets. These special families were blessed to watch the final two days of the Pipe Masters VIP style, watch Aaron Gold and Zane Cook do live bull riding at Kualoa Ranch, attend the Surfers and Cowboys movie outreach, and enjoy beautiful Hawaii! A few highlights were watching John Florence win his 2nd world title, Kelly Slater saying hello to our group, and being back with many of the core team who made the Surfers and Cowboys movie including Aaron Gold’s family, Zane Cook and his parents, Shormann Family, Scott Clark, Swanson Family, Faith Fay co-producer, Jason Fudge, Bruno Lemos, the Rita family, and Albert Silva (Hawaiian Cowboy). I love how God works through movies to form long time friendships! Everyone loved the Surfers and Cowboys movie and we raised some money for our good friend Gerard “Poi” Smith who has cancer. What a blessed trip!!!