CT Taylor, who is a former professional surfer, has been a good friend of the Walking On Water ministry since its beginnings.

We asked CT to share a little about his life, and how he has been involved in the Walking on Water Minisry.

CT remembers meeting Bryan Jennings back when he was just a high school student.  He grew up in Florida, but spent summers in California, and met Bryan when he first arrived in California on one of those trips.  The two become close friends through a bible study, and have remained close ever since.

Having travelled the world as a pro surfer in the past, CT continues to stay very much connected to the surfing community through coaching, surf camps, and now also shaping surf boards.  Settled down in Southern California where he and his wife Jennifer are raising (and homeschooling,) four sons, CT has his hands full.

When Walking on Water began their very first Surf Camp, CT worked as a camp counselor.   From there he has remained close to the Walking On Water Ministry, and has had parts in some of the WOW films.   Even now CT is involved in the summer surf camps put on by Walking On Water.  He loves being a part of this ministry.

CT believes that the WOW ministry is important because “It reaches kids at the right time, with something that is important to them–surfing.  Kids involved in the surfing community need to know that there is a different way to live your life and a different way to follow your dreams.”  The WOW ministry speaks this message to kids in a way that they understand.

Besides his ministry at home, (where CT’s boys have each made a personal decision to follow Christ,) CT also walks out his faith in everything he does.  Through coaching, and working with young surfers, CT believes in being very truthful with kids.   Once kids see him surf, and have respect for him as a surfer, they are more open to hearing what he believes.  “I just tell kids like it is.  And they are open to hearing the truth when they are told plainly.”

We are so grateful for CT’s continued relationship with the Walking On Water Ministry.  Through his family, and his work, CT reflects God’s love every day, and the strength of his character is a huge encouragement to everyone around him.

Thank you CT, and Jennifer for sharing in the adventure at WOW ministries.