Corey Colapinto grew up in an avid surf family in San Clemente, California.  Though he spent many years competing on short boards, he is currently known and admired for his skills on a longboard.  His unique style has earned him a strong following and coveted sponsorships.

Life was good for Corey on many levels, but when a knee injury stopped him from surfing, his world was rocked.  Corey says, “I felt super lost, and began to do some soul searching, but I couldn’t find anything.”  Months went by and his knee wasn’t getting better; Corey wrestled with finding his identity apart from surfing.  When a friend invited him to a young adults group at The Shoreline Church in San Clemente, everything changed.  Corey found a community of believers who helped him understand a loving God.  Corey began to meet with Todd Morehead, who discipled him, and helped him begin a personal relationship with Jesus.

Within the next month, the pain in Corey’s knee began to go away.  Soon, he was surfing again.  But this time it wasn’t all about the surfing.  His new passion was his new walk with God.  Corey’s faith has grown to be enthusiastic, bold, and nothing short of contagious.  Putting many of his surf videos to worship music, there is no doubt the world is watching.  And taking notice.

Corey enjoys media and marketing, and is taking classes in cinematography.  With a passion for merging his interests in surfing, video work, and ministry, Walking on Water has been an great fit.  Corey has been helping WOW with social media and marketing for the Surfers and Cowboys movie, and has also helped at WOW surf camps. “Walking on Water is a powerful ministry,” Corey says, “It’s awesome to see kids learn about the Lord through fun and community.  I love being a part of it.”

We’re excited to see all that God has in store for Corey, and we are excited watch him use his incredible gifts to continue to point people to the Lord.

Check out Corey’s story in the video below. Find Corey on Instagram: @kookapinto

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Written by Monica Swanson,