It has been an honor over the years to be invited to share the message for senior pastors at different churches around the world. I take it very seriously and feel that God gives me a message ahead of time that HE wants me to share. The message I had on my heart to share at Horizon Christian Fellowship in San Diego was titled, “Love Is Action, So Get Movin!”. Biblical love is much different than the love we hear about daily. Jesus made it super simple and clear when he said in John 14:15, “If you love me, then obey my commandments.”. God has also reminded me lately that every tree that produces fruit will be pruned so that it can bear more fruit. So get excited if God is pruning you and encouraging you to have love that is action! I really hope you can find time to watch/listen to the message I gave at Horizon Christian Fellowship. CLICK HERE to listen to Bryan’s message.