We love to hear testimonies of how God is using the Walking on Water films throughout the world.  When we heard the following story about a family serving God in Mexico, and how they stumbled upon two special teenage boys whose lives were already impacted by Walking on Water, we were so encouraged.  God is always at work, and this story is such a great reminder of that:

The Edmund family (Chuck, Colleen, Ethan, Sydney, and Alistair) have been traveling to Chacala, Mexico, twice a year to put on conferences for low income Mexican pastors.  Over time they have gotten to know two teenage brothers named Bernardo, and Diego.  These brothers live on their own, as their mother left for a job in the United States over five years ago.  They survive doing all kinds of odd jobs, from repairing surf boards, to selling pizza.  These boys love to surf, and are blessed to live right at a world class point break.  The Edmunds got to know these brothers, taking them along to do errands in Puerto Vallarta.  In their conversation they found out that the boys find time to watch the Walking on Water film every single day, and often several times a day!

This all started when Bryan Jennigns had visited Chacala four years ago, and premiered the Walking on Water film at the beach.  There was a great turnout, and the village was impacted greatly from the inspiration in the film.  That was just the beginning of the brother’s love and appreciation for the film.

What a blessing to know families like the Edmunds who serve God all over the world, and can extend even more of God’s love to people like Bernardo and Diego. Let’s remember to pray for kids like these, and the people that are being God’s hands and feet in their communities.

Written by Monica, from www.thegrommom.com