March 7th marked one year since the Beyond Sight world premiere in San Clemente, California and the movie has now been seen by over 50,000 people in 12 countries. However in many ways we believe the world tour of Beyond Sight is just getting started. Bryan Jennings and his family recently traveled to Sayulita, Mexico and screened the movie to over two hundred people in partnership with our friends, the Cathey famil,y who have started the Calvary Chapel church there. In November of 2013 Derek and Bryan were invited by the Stand Tall Event of Australia to come as special guest speakers. Very strong friendships were built that year with the Stand Tall event leaders, and since then God has done amazing things! Nutri Grain of Australia has featured Derek in a nationwide TV commercial, put him on the back of every Kellogg’s cereal box, and overnight made Derek a celebrity in Australia. Derek recently spent six weeks in Australia showing the Beyond Sight movie in many cities and doing Nutri Grain public relations events. The Jennings’ family also met Derek on the Gold Coast of Australia recently, where world champion surfer Mick Fanning posted the Beyond Sight movie invite on his instagram to his 350K followers. We had over 700 people attend the movie showing, and Derek was featured on the local news. In Australia on this trip Bryan spoke to three churches, three schools, scouted new surf camp locations, hosted four Beyond Sight showings, and most importantly was able to thank our incredible Australian volunteer team who worked hard to plan all of the Beyond Sight showings in Australia! Anyone in Australia or anywhere who is interested in hosting a Beyond Sight movie showing, email [email protected]