The world Premiere of Beyond Sight was March 7th, 2014 and for the past 8 weeks over 10,000 people have seen the movie in theaters throughout California, Idaho, Florida, and North Carolina. For many of these weeks Beyond Sight has been in the top 5 for per screen average in the box office! C3 Church in Sydney hosted a pre screening of Beyond Sight lately to get all the leaders ready for the Australia tour that will most like happen in November of 2014. Derek Rabelo and Bryan Jennings recently visited 12 schools and many churches in Orange County encouraging many people and inviting them to the movie theater. The next stops are the Brazil Premiere and showings of Beyond Sight happening on May 9th and 10th in Rio and May 13th in Sao Paulo! We were very honored that the Asp world tour of surfing and Billabong have invited our team to show Beyond Sight at their huge surfing event in Rio. Our team has worked hard to translate the movie into Portuguese for these Brazil showings. Our hope is to have the movie translated into 12 languages before July 1st. These subtitles will cost around $20,000 and we would greatly appreciate your prayerful consideration to donate funds to cover these expenses. Our past Walking On Water films have been toured to over 35 countries and we are expecting the same to happen with Beyond Sight. Invitations have already come in from Brazil, Switzerland, U.K., Sweden, Puerto Rico, France, Hong Kong, Spain, and many other countries. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO HOST A SCREENING OF BEYOND SIGHT IN YOUR LOCAL MOVIE THEATER! TO DO SO JUST [email protected] All upcoming tour dates are here: