Beyond Sight update
 The Beyond Sight theatrical release and world tour continues! Derek Rabelo was recently in town for the Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach showings August 14th – 19th.  Beyond Sight has been playing in the HB theater for 2 weeks straight with great turnouts.  Derek then flew straight to Florianopolis, Brazil where over 1,000 people came out to see the movie! The next day Derek went downhill skateboarding of course going 50MPH! We are working hard to finish the DVD that will include many special features and subtitles in 10 language.  The Europe tour will be September 9th – October 9th and Derek Rabelo will be accompanied by Bruno and Claudia Lemos (who are producers of the Beyond Sight movie) they will be traveling to Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugual, Germany, Holland, and the U.K.  Todd and Renae Morehead are leading a mission team in Japan as we write this newsletter where they are showing Beyond Sight in 3 different cites.  Please let us know if you want to host a Beyond Sight movie showing in your city!