What an amazing launch of the Beyond Sight movie in theaters!!!!! On March 7th we launched the theatrical release of the Beyond Sight movie in San Clemente, California and the theater has been packed out almost every night since that date!!!! We want to thank everyone who has attended the San Clemente, Newport Beach, Charleston, Idaho Falls, and Encinitas showings so far! Thanks to you the Beyond Sight movie has been #3 in the nation for “Per Screen Average” beating out the top hollywood films. More importantly many believers have been encouraged and many non believers have received Christ at the theaters. Our special guests have included Derek Rabelo, Magno Passos his surf coach, Damien Hobgood, and many of the producers of the movie. We were on the KUSI News, 91X radio, Kprz radio, Kwave radio, and other media outlets. We need volunteers who can help promote our upcoming theater showings through social media! If you would like to host a Beyond Sight movie showing in your city all you need to do is find at least four churches, schools, organizations, or business leaders who are willing to promote and host one showing time and our team will do the rest!!! So if you are interested just email [email protected] or go here to fill out the Screening Host Form: http://beyondsightmovie.com/for-potential-hosts/. Our next showings of Beyond Sight are listed below. We hope to see you in the theater in your city soon!!!