Recently we had the opportunity to go on a mission trip together with All People’s Church to Moldova, the poorest country in Europe. We spent two weeks there establishing relationships and connections with the locals.

Our big event was a skate competition we hosted in collaboration with the local skate shop and skaters. The event was held at the new skatepark in the capital Chisinau. We ended the event with the screening of the movie Beyond Sight. The main guy, and one of the best skaters in Chisinau, told me he always wanted to screen a movie at the skatepark. We hung a big screen from an abandoned building and let the kids sit down in the middle of the park to watch the movie. We added Romanian subtitles to the movie to help people better understand the message, even though many speak English. We even had a group of local surfers turn up because they had seen the event on Facebook.

People were really inspired and touched by the movie. Afterward, we asked people if they wanted prayer to see their own dreams come true like Derek. Most kids had never been prayed for before! We prayed for a lot of them and many of them were visibly touched by God. The movie was a great tool even in a land-locked nation, as people were inspired to trust in God and go for their dreams.

The movie was such a success that the team leader asked if he could show the movie again when he returns to Moldova.

Photography by Daniel Månsson •