The idea behind bringing Beyond Sight to our Church was simple.  We wanted to reach the un-churched and breathe some new life into our youth program.

The process was grueling; we started with no budget and little to no support.  I had almost given up several times but just when I thought the idea was dead, God would open up another door just wide enough to get me motivated.

I first had to identify a “Champion” in the church; someone besides me that thought this was a good idea.  Once I had them I was able to gain support from key players (people that would volunteer to help out for free).  These key people included sound, lighting, and other tech guys that usually charge money for their services.

In order for this to be a successful outreach I had to identify a local business outside of the Church to help spread the word.  This came in the form of a local Surf Shop.  They supplied prizes and helped make this outreach legit, and not just another “Church” event. With these key people in place we started to gain momentum.  I put a few of the students in charge of the social media and watched God work.

We had over 350 people attend, not one, but two bands, and a handful of sponsors that gave away prizes and helped us spread the word. Walking on Water did more than their part.  They came in and put on a professional show that was core enough for the surfers in the audience and tied God in perfectly.  Bryan Jennings did a great job putting the message together.  He did not come off as “preachy” or “uncool,” but was able to drive the message home enough for the most mature Christians in the audience.