We were so blessed this Christmas and New Year’s reflecting on and celebrating the success of the Beyond Sight Kickstarter Campaign and the Hawaii Pipe Masters filming trip. I was so encouraged to learn that over 300 new and old friends from over 15 countries joined the Beyond Sight Movie Family to exceed the Kickstarter goal! With over 90% of the filming complete for the Beyond Sight movie, this puts us at the half waypoint for completing the film. Completing the filming will take the team back to film Hawaii and then onto Brazil where this amazing journey started. Derek spent the holidays in Hawaii and our goal is to get him in a barrel at Pipeline. He came very close during our last trip and with the right conditions and God’s help it will happen! Then we will be finishing editing, choosing/creating the music soundtrack, pitching the movie to possible movie distributors, and raising the remaining $45,000 budgeted for production and distribution expenses through Corporate Sponsorships and individuals. With the funds currently raised, we will complete production; however, this additional amount will support music royalties, improvements in production quality, and some world tour expenses. If you would like to financially support this special movie please go to www.beyondsightmovie.com to do so. LET’S CONTINUE TO LIVE BY FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT!